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Business Mobility

Mobility gone wrong locks you into bad contracts, data insecurity, and the inability to adapt to growth and change. We make sure you get the optimum carrier, plan, and rate.

Customizable Business Solutions

Deploying a large number of devices is often a complex and time-consuming process requiring experience and expertise. If these tasks are not executed properly, it can cost your business time and money.

With our senior team let us do the heavy lifting. We will organize, manage and ship the devices to the proper ends users or employees anywhere in the US.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking makes it possible to manage and track your fleet vehicles in real time via a modem that is connected in the vehicle. Receive critical alerts, automate driver logs and manifests, and run reports on past activity to help streamline your operating costs.

Career Agnostic Solutions

TechComm Solutions is thoroughly versed in today’s fast-changing mobile marketplace. We know the carriers, plans, technology, and regulations affecting this industry.We are unmatched when it comes to evaluating your organization’s mobility requirements — selecting the optimum carrier, plan, and rate.

Our team of consultants negotiate on your behalf to achieve a mobility solution your organization can manage securely and effectively.

Wired / Fiber Optic Solutions

Providing reliable up and running connection that will support the functions and applications of any business. Advanced networking capabilities, network scalability and symmetrical speeds are a few of the benefits of working with us.

Network Solutions

TechComm will help you identify, obtain, and deploy network services that meet your needs for quality of service, bandwidth, types of service, scalability, flexibility, and cost.

We Will:

  • Review your current infrastructure
  • Recommend the right technologies that will best satisfy your needs, like Ethernet, MPLS, and Broadband
  • Match providers against those assessments and recommendations taking into account market trends, emerging technologies, and areas of competitive differentiation
  • Negotiate with providers on your behalf and work with selected providers to achieve a successful network roll
Rate Plan Management / Optimization

Ensuring that all users and devices are on the most optimal plans, pools, services and provider, and leveraging the mobile enterprise as a whole is the driving strategy behind this service. Our experienced and savvy specialists interpret and implement the metrics into valuable and actionable recommendations.Other tasks such as carrier contract negotiations, invoice processing and/or device requisition costs, when appropriate, can also be included.

Telecom Expense Managment

Telecom billing errors cost companies tens of thousands each year in overcharges, late disconnects, unused credits, and more. Our clients save an average 23% on their bills.

If you’ve ever looked at a contract or invoice for telecommunications services, then you understand how hard it is to manage telecom expenses on your own. You’ll especially  understand its difficulty if you ever tried to correct a telecom billing error.

The fact is that most telecom bills have errors and they read like hieroglyphics. In fact,  resolving a mistake can take six months or more (even if that’s your job and you’re an expert at it).

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you with this at NO COST to you.

The Right Technology Roadmap For You

Most companies today are on missions to transform themselves — whether it’s to move to the cloud, save $20 million over 10 years, or achieve some other goal. Their CIOs and IT managers always need to answer two key questions: Is this objective right for us?” and “If this is the right objective, what steps should we take to get there?”

TechComm Solutions can help you answer both questions. We’ve coached organizations on these types of journeys hundreds of times. So we know how to assess IT goals in terms of a company’s readiness, it’s current and future business needs, and whether the goal makes sense given the available options in technology, providers, service offerings, rate plans, and more.